Wildes Holz - Freedom for the Recorder!

There is hardly a piece of wood that evokes such massive emotions as the recorder.

Almost everybody once played it, and almost always the results were only almost rock’n’roll. But now there is Wildes Holz (“wild wood”)! Here the recorder really cranks up and gives songs from Lady Gaga to AC/DC some real toughness.

Tobias Reisige plays this wild piece of wood with an unbelievable expressiveness and, together with his bandmates Anto Karaula on guitar and Markus Conrads on double bass, makes for a massive concert experience. The way the three form a unity is amazing time and again. Well rehearsed but casually performed – a very unique mixture of humor and intensity characterizes their performances.

Regarding style they don’t shy away from anything. Besides hazardous wood-versions of famous hits, their original compositions are especially convincing, as they tap the full sound-potential of the ensemble.

Massive rock made from solid wood – you can’t afford to miss!


Tobias Reisige

Tobias Reisige

graduated in classical recorder at the Folkwang Hochschule (College) in Essen, Germany.

At the same college ha became the first ever jazz-recorder student in Germany. Besides his work as a recorder- and saxophone-teacher he performs with several ensembles. Also he regularly gives workshops.


Anto Karaula

Anto Karaula

got his first guitar at the age of six and has kept it up ever since.

After some years of classical guitar lessons, he bought himself an electric guitar and played rock classics over and over.

Some friends turned him on to jazz, and with the start of Wildes Holz in 1998 he found his way back to the acoustic wood-guitar – “because it simply sounds best!”.


Markus Conrads

Markus Conrads

has accomplished, despite his musical activities, becoming a graduated computer scientist. However, he had to accept that no computer program can ever replace a fat bass. Thus, he studied jazz double bass at the Folkwang College in Essen and has played like hell ever since. His gigs led him to China, Korea, Russia, Poland, Italy, even Bavaria, and his joy of playing can be seen at every performance. His bass can also be heard on a lot of CDs as well.

Pictures: Tim Hippmann

How it all began…

The history of Wildes Holz started in an Hungarian hotel room. The three were there for concerts : Anto and Markus played in two Swing- and Latin formations, Tobias was subbing on saxophone. Nobody really knew that he was a master recorder player. One evening he worked up the courage to ask, if they would like to play some jazz-tunes with him playing the recorder. Honestly, the two did not expect too much from a recorder and said: “Well, ok…”.

What went off that night was a session, which still is not over yet. From dark basement vaults to famous stages, from high up in the north to way down south, everywhere they make for perplexed and finally amazed audiences.